Sidi Techno 2 Buckle Red/Blk


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Sidi Techno 2 Buckle Red/Blk
Sidi Techno 2 Buckle Red/Blk
Sidi Techno 2 Buckle Red/Blk


  • Dial and monofilament buckle
  • Includes 2 buckles
  • Replaces both 1st and 2nd generation Techno buckles
  • Made in Italy

Sidi's Techno 2 is a dial and micro-filament securing buckle which offers tiny incremental adjustment for your instep. They are durable, easily replaceable and feature a positive, tactile feel when adjusting the buckle for tension. The Techno 2 buckle is the standard replacement for all shoes old or new that utilize the Tecno 2 style buckle such as the Ergo1, Ergo2, Dragon, Dragon2, Dragon3 and older models like the Energy and Action Series of shoes from Sidi. Package includes 2 buckles and mounting hardware.

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