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At every Incycle Bicycles location, we have a full service bicycle repair department staffed by friendly, knowledgeable technicians ready to assist you with all of your bike service needs. We provide free estimates, offer fast turnaround, and reliable completion of all service.

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Tune-Up & Assembly

Single Speed Tune-Up$40

Bronze Tune-Up-$85

Silver Tune-Up-$175

Gold Tune-Up-$250

Platinum Tune-Up - Road, MTB, Tri $350

Bike Wash:$25-50

Drivetrain Cleaning:$30

Boxed Bike Assembly:$70-200

PRO Bike Assembly:$350

Frame Swap:$300

Brake Service

Brake Cable Install-$15

Brake Adjustment - Mechanical-$12

Brake Adjustment - Hydraulic-$20

Hydraulic Brake Bleed-$35-50

Brake Lever Install - Mechanical-$15-30

Brake Lever Install - Hydraulic-$50

Brake Lever Install - Drop Bar-$40

Brake Set Install - Mechanical-$60

Hydraulic Brake Overhaul-$60

Hydraulic Hose Trim (No Bleed)-$35

Rotor Install-$15

Gyro Install-$40

Wheel, Hub & Tire Service

Tube, Tire or Liner Install - Front-$15

Tube, Tire or Liner Install - Rear-$15

Tube, Tire or Liner Install - Motor-$30

Tubeless Install-$25-40

Tubular Install-$40

Standard Wheel True-$25-50

Wheel Re-Tension-$50

Standard Wheel Build-$70

Custom Wheel Build-$100

Spoke Calculation-$25

Hub Adjustment-$25

Hub Overhaul - Front-$35

Hub Overhaul - Rear-$45

Hub Overhaul - Internal Gear-$60

Chassis Service

Handlebar Install MTB/BMX-$25-50

Handlebar Install Road-$40-200

Handlebar Install - Internal-$75-200

Handlebar Install - Hydro-$85-200

Bar Tape Install-$20

Aero Bar Install-$40-200

Handlebar Trimming-$25

Headset Adjustment-$20

Headset Install-$40-60

Headset Overhaul-$40

Head-Tube Facing-$40

Fork Steer Tube Trimming$40

Fork Install - No Cut-$45

Fork Install - With Cut-$45

Dropper Post Install-$40-100

Levo Diagnosis-$40

Command Post Overhaul-$80

Drivetrain Service

Derailleur Adjustment-$15

Derailleur Install-$25

Derailleur Cable Install-$15-30

Derailleur Hanger Alignment-$25

Shifter Install-$25

Bottom Bracket Adjustment-$20-50

Bottom Bracket/Crank Overhaul-$50

Bottom Bracket/ Crank Install-$50

Crank Install (No BB Install)-$25

Bottom Bracket Adapter Install-$35-50

Chain Install-$15

Chain Guide Instal-$40

Chainring Install - Single$25

Chainring Install - Multiple-$35

Cassette Install-$15

Power Meter Install-$70

Bottom Bracket Facing-$60

Bottom Bracket Threading-$60

Specialty Service

Baby Seat Install-$30

Rack / Basket Install-$15

Fender Install-$25

Seat Mount Bottle Cage-$35-50

Drop Out Alignment-$30

Frame Swap - Warranty-$100

Auto Roof Rack Install-$150