Shimano CS-M9100 XTR Cassette


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Shimano CS-M9100 XTR Cassette
Shimano CS-M9100 XTR Cassette
SHIMANO XTR cassette 12-speed CS-M9100-12 10-51 teeth Shimano is catching up and is also using a 12-speed drive on the XTR M9100 Group. In contrast to the competition, the Japanese, however, the biker, the choice whether he prefers a maximum bandwidth (10-51 teeth) or a more narrow-stepped cassette with lower cadence jumps when switching preferred (10-45 teeth). The latter should be particularly suitable for XC and marathon racers, who can save their power reserves by pedaling in the optimum frequency range. For drivers who need a particularly stiff impeller Shimano offers a 10-45 cassette with 11 gears. This is designed for a specially designed XTR hub, which uses the vacant space of the omitted 12th pinion for a wider hub flange. Soft and precise shifts have always been a hallmark of Shimano cassettes. With the Hyperglide cassettes of the last generations, the pinions were placed in such a way that, especially when shifting to a larger pinion, the chain runs extremely smoothly and with low vibration. Hyperglide + introduces the XTR M9100 cassette. Thanks to this technology, gearshifts now run smoothly even when shifting to a heavier gear and are 1/3 faster than the CS-M9000 cartridge. When designing the cassette, Shimano relies on a material mix of steel, titanium and aluminum in the pinions. While the smallest sprockets with the least chain wrap and highest load are made of steel, the middle sprockets are made of titanium and the largest sprockets are made of aluminum. This load-oriented use of material leads to a uniform wear of the cassette and also extends the life of the chain. The cassette is held together by an aluminum spider. Technical specifications: Material Spider: aluminum Material pinion: steel, titanium, aluminum Grading: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51 teeth Compatibility freehub body: Shimano Micro Spline | 12-speed Compatibility Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-M9100-SGS Weight according to manufacturer: 367g Weight weighed: 369g