Look X-Track En-Rage Mtb Clipless Pedal Cr-Mo Axle 9/16'' Blk


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  • Material: [body] forged alloy, [spindle] chromoly +
  • Float: 6 degrees
  • Cleats: 2-bolt Look X-Track cleats included
  • Entry / Release: 13-degree disengagemet (with standard X-Track cleats)
  • Compatible Components: Look X-Track cleats, X-Track Easy cleats

Designed with a wide clipless platform, the Look X-Track En-Rage Pedals improve stability and grip when you're dropping into steep, rock-strewn terrain and pedaling swiftly along fast flow trails. As a relatively new addition to Look's mountain bike line, the X-Track En-Rage provides an intuitive interface that's both easy to clip into and release from, as well as one that's adjustable in tension with the quick turn of a screw. This is the smaller sibling to the larger X-Track En-Rage Plus, making it ideal for aggressive trail rider seeking a bit less weight and smaller platform. Compared to skinnier X-Track En-Rage Plus designed for enduro racing, the X-Track En-Rage saves you approximately 30 grams for the pair of pedals, which is pretty significant when you're counting every last gram going on your trail bike. The forged alloy body and chromoly spindle provide high levels of strength and durability when you're thrashing them on the trail. Textured pins along the sides improve traction when it's wet and mucky outside, allowing you to find the engagement mechanism without slipping off, as well as adding a bit of reassurance when you have to clip back in after dismounting on the trail. As for the engagement mechanism itself, the adjustable tension screw allows you to adjust the resistance of being clipped in, so you can personalize it to your exact riding style and the terrain at hand. The clip-in mechanism easily sheds muck and mud, so it won't clog up and require you to clean it out when you're suddenly faced with a stretch of particularly muddy trail. Look includes their standard X-Track Cleat that allow for a lateral motion of 13 degrees to dismount from being clipped in. Also, these cleats are compatible with SPD offerings, so you can use them with all your bikes outfitted with SPD pedals.