Stumpjumper 15

Unmatched Combination of Capability, Control, and Personalization Delivers No-Compromise Performance for Any Rider on Any Trail.

  • GENIE Grants Every Trail Rider’s Wishes

    This game-changing, patent-pending air spring technology that we invented grants every trail rider three wishes: feel and control of a coil spring, better bottom-out prevention than a standard air spring, and a tunable “platform” for a playful feel.

  • What’s Inside GENIE?

    Check out how GENIE combines the control-enhancing linear spring rate of a coil spring through the “bump zone” with the progressive spring rate of an air spring at the end of the stroke to reduce bottom-outs. It's the best of both worlds – coil and air – with extra tuneability. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to the future of ridi

  • Have It Your Way

    Six distinct geometry settings allow you to hone performance for any style and any terrain, making it the most personalizable trail bike ever. The head angle can be adjusted via a unique eccentric upper headset cup, and the bottom bracket height can be fine-tuned for stability or for more clearance.