What Makes Globe, Globe?

The Globe Haul LT was built upon pillars that we believe will make everyone’s lives a little better. After all, who couldn’t benefit from a little wind in the hair, a little sun in the face, and a lot less time in the car?

Globe ST's Big Sibling

All the benefits of the ST with an extend-o back end (surprise, surprise). The Haul LT -Long Tail, get it? - comes with all the same features and capabilities as the ST but with increased carrying capacity,441 lbs, and a rear rack twice the size.

Ready For More

doubleMIK adapters, room for 6 panniers, and up to 3 passengers.The Haul LT brings a whole host of brand new accessories to life. New adjustable cargo rails, full length running boards, and doublewide cargo bags help you with the most involved errands you can dream up.

The Ultimate Workhorse

The simple bike and components give you a blank canvas to make the Globe yours. No two Globe electric bikes are alike, not for long anyway. With a whole host of Globe accessories compatible with the numerous mounting opportunities, your Globe is you, and you’re iconic.