Category Defining Capability

It started with Specialized's super light FACT 11r carbon, then gave the all-new Creo 2 geometry that’s ideal for dreamy days on the road, rough days in the gravel, and everything in between. Add in the increased power, torque, and unbeaten range-to-weight of the SL 1.2 system, mounts for racks, fenders, and a third bottle cage, and the Creo 2 is not just the most capable drop bar e-bike ever made—it’s the lightest in its class.

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Geometry To Conquer It All

Designed to provide a confident and nimble ride on smooth pavement, broken roads, and even rough gravel, Creo 2’s progressive geometry defies categories. Compared to its predecessor, Creo SL Gen 2 has a slacker head tube angle, a lower bottom bracket, a shorter stem, and is tuned specifically for high-volume tires to rail pavement corners and deliver stability on rough terrain. To set riders up for the most comfort for those longer rides, Creo SL Gen 2 has more stack, providing a more endurance-focused position—taking some weight off the hands, neck, and shoulders.

More Speed, More Control, More Safety. Meet Future Shock 3.3

Hydraulically damped to control the movement, not only for a smoother ride but a more controlled ride. Highly tunable for the individual, riders can adjust pre-load to their desired firmness for their unique position or the terrain they are riding. Compression is also highly adjustable during the ride to ensure that riders can set their Future Shock for the surface or the situation. S-Works and Expert modes come with FutureShock 3.3.

Go Far, Go Light, Go Silent.

Riding far with a lively feel requires light weight and epic range. The SL1.2 is the most efficient e-bike system out there, unlocking maximum range-to-weight. It delivers a supernatural feel with 33% more power(320 Watts) than its predecessor, while 43% more torque (50Nm) makes quick work of the steepest hills. Sure, the SL 1.2 system makes a big statement, but you won’t hear it because it’s the quietest e-bike system in the world.