Faster Everywhere.

The fourth-generation SuperSix EVO is all new, and yet it carries on a tradition of blowing the wheels off of the competition – with an unheard-of blend of everything we want in a race bike. In other words: the legend continues.

The Lightest of the Fast

770 grams. That's impressively light for a fully-painted, build-ready 56cm frame. But for a frame this aerodynamic, it’s incredible. Our new Series 0 carbon construction used for the LAB71 SuperSix EVO features an advanced carbon fiber and nano-resin layup that yields exceptional tensile and compressive strength properties, allowing our engineers to achieve more with less material. The result is more speed out of fewer watts.

The Fastest of the Light

When it comes to aerodynamic drag, the new SuperSix EVO is not just one of the fastest lightweight road bikes out there, it’s one of the fastest road bikes, period. Its refined tube shapes and fully systemized design shave 12 watts off of our last generation model at 45 km/h, making it faster than many pure “aero” bikes while weighing up to a kilo less. Light or Aero? Now you don't have to choose.

Sculpted by Speed

What happens when you design a complete bike, not just a frameset? An elegant design emerges alongside integrated aerodynamics. The frame, fork, bars, wheelsets, and seatpost are engineered as an entire system, achieving aerodynamic efficiency that blows away a piecemeal approach. It’s elevated design driven by elevated performance. Details you’ll notice. Speed you’ll feel.