Wahoo Fitness Spd/Cadence Sensor


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Wahoo Fitness Spd/Cadence Sensor

**This item is old stock and the packaging may be scuffed or may not come with its original packaging. However, the item is still new.**

Collect crucial bike speed and cadence data during your workout. Easy to attach to most bikes, even easier to read the data on your iPhone when paired with the Wahoo Key (ANT+) or Wahoo Bike Case for iphone 3gs/4/4s (ANT+).



  • Tethered, independent speed and cadence sensors for optimal placement of each
  • Durable, easy to use
  • Small with low drag profile
  • Can be modified for use with recumbent bikes tether is spliced and extended
  • Sends and receives signals up to 10 feet unobstructed
  • Compatible with any ANT+ receiving device
  • Waterproof up to 5 feet
  • Replaceable 3 volt CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Wireles ANT+ ultra low power technology license free, 2.4 GHz ISM band operation
  • Weight Unit: 18 grams {0.6 ounces}, Accessories: 12 grams {0.4 ounces}, Total: 30 grams {1.0 ounces}





  • ANT+ speed/Cadence sensor
  • 5 zip ties
  • Cadence magnet
  • Speed magnet
  • Rubber attachment
  • Quick start guide




**This product will not work with your Apple mobile device unless you have either the Wahoo Key (ANT+) or the Wahoo Bike Case for iphone 3gs/4/4s.**