Specialized Sip Xl Locking Grip


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Specialized Sip Xl Locking Grip

The SIP Locking Grips help you hold on when you�re throwing down. They feature a super tacky construction for ample hold and feel at the bars, and to take this even further, they also have a strategically placed half-waffle pattern. And for security, we also gave them a locking design, so you don't have to worry about them shifting their position. If all of this seems oddly familiar to you it's because the inspiration for these grips is drawn from the moto world. This means that you can expect to have the utmost in thumb wrap over the grips, which leads to more control and maximum comfort.

  • Large/X-Large diameter: 32mm
  • Moto-inspired design features a waffle relief for maximum thumb wrap/control.
  • Small/Medium diameter: 30mm
  • Strategically placed, half-waffle pattern provides better grip and comfort.
  • Super tacky, yet durable, grip provides superior control.
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