Specialized Muve Sl


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Specialized Muve Sl
The Müve SL helps you to find the best size bike for riders and optimizes their fit, while also saving time with fast adjustments. This dynamic fit bike can be set-up for road, mountain, TT/tri, and fitness positions. It also works solo or in conjunction with Retül Vantage 3D motion capture system in order for the fitter to collect rider data and immediately make bike adjustments to create the desired final position.
  • 700C standard rear road wheel and trainer skewer allows for utilization of a fitter’s existing rear-wheel trainer.
  • Adjustable front foot height with bubble level (100mm leveling travel).
  • Fit bike weight of 72 pounds allows for easy movement in and out of fit station.
  • Fitter can change saddle, stem, bars, pedals, and crankarm length to find the rider’s ideal position and equipment for road, mountain, or TT/triathlon positions.
  • Hand knobs are located high on the bike for easy adjustment.
  • Includes Retül Müve Saddle Clamp for easy changing of saddles.
  • Integrated Retül 3D ZIN divots for easy and precise digital bike measuring.
  • Movement shafts are low-friction with maintenance-free polymer dry brushing.
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