Shimano M980 GS XTR 10s Rear Derailleur


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Shimano M980 GS XTR 10s Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Shadow RD Technology: Super low-profile design
  • Cage features carbon outer plate with aluminum inner plate for ideal combination between light weight and stiffness
  • Stiff return spring and revised cable pull for consistent, positive shifting feel
  • Sealed bearing pulleys
  • 175g

The new 10-speed XTR rear derailleur offers a re-engineered architecture that provides a smooth, linear feel at the shifter and is remarkably stable despite suspension movement, trail chatter, or inevitable cable contamination. With low profile Shimano Shadow design, the XTR RD-M980 is built to mesh with popular RapidFire shifters and features main body spring tension that works well with full outer casing and creates more consistent shift effort throughout the entire cog range. Delivering a perfect combination of low weight and rigid durability, the derailleur has a carbon fiber outer pulley plate and an aluminum inner pulley plate. With a sealed bearing guide and tension pulleys to eliminate contamination from mud and debris, the XTR RD-M980 is ready to take the trail on.

About Shimano Engineered Dyna-Sys Drivetrains:
Shimano has been making mountain bike drivetrains for more than three decades, including eight generations of Shimano Deore XT--the original off-road drivetrain, and six generations of its flagship XTR group. Each generation is a reflection of the riding that defines the sport and the technology that defines the era. True to this legacy, Shimano's next-generation Dyna-Sys drivetrain brings with it the legendary quality, durability and performance Shimano is known for, all packaged to meet the ever-evolving demands of today's riders.

Dyna-Sys combines features like quick-shifting CloseStep front gear ratios (think: bigger granny, smaller big ring), a wide-range 11- to 36-tooth 10-speed cassette and re-engineered shifters and derailleurs that are less susceptible to trail chatter or contamination. Together, Shimano Systems Engineering unlocks performance and versatility never before seen in a triple--all tied together with the industry's first mountain-bike-specific 10-speed chain. Riders who would otherwise have to pull the ripcord and battle technical climbs from the trenches of their granny gear range, can now push farther up the trail in their middle ring thanks to the increased range of the 36-tooth low-end rear gear. The granny gear is still there, you'll just need it less, and the 42-tooth big ring is more useable and easier to get into than ever before, so you'll use it more. Simply put, XTR Trail is the most efficient mountain bike drivetrain singletrack has ever seen.

About Shimano XTR Trail Components:
After nearly two decades of cross-country race domination, XTR is branching into terrain the UCI would never dare sanction an XC race on. Why? Because trail riders like you have long dreamed of a component group that truly complements how, where, and why you ride. Meet XTR Trail, crafted with all the precision and strength riders have come to expect from XTR, but refocused specifically for the demands of today's trail riders. The XTR Trail Series features a reconfigured triple-ring crank that delivers trail-tuned gear ratios for optimum, all-day efficiency, while the most powerful XTR brake to date delivers usable, confidence-inspiring performance in even the most sustained descents. Platform SPD pedals provide a stable connection to the machine and wide-profile scandium wheels track confidently through the rough stuff. Bottom line: XTR Trail lets you ride faster with more control over rougher terrain. The best part is that XTR Trail is the yin to XTR Race's yang, and together mountain biking's first family of components offers a broad matrix of fully interchangeable options to tune your ride.