S-Works Carbon Post Seatpost


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S-Works Carbon Post Seatpost

The S-Works Carbon seatpost is constructed from FACT carbon, so you get the perfect blend of high durability, stiffness, and comfort. A cylindrical aluminum head assembly, meanwhile, makes fore/aft and tilt adjustments super easy with an easy-access, single-bolt design.

  • 27.2mm x 350mm x 20mm
  • 27.2mm x 400mm x 0mm
  • 27.2mm x 400mm x 20mm
  • 30.9mm x 400mm x 10mm
  • Available in the following sizes:
  • Cylindrical aluminum head assembly adjusts fore-aft and tilt with an easy-access single bolt.
  • Diameter: 27.2mm / 30.9mm
  • FACT carbon construction blends high durability, stiffness, and comfort.
  • Setback: 0mm / 10mm / 20mm
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