Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Brake Pads Campy


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Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Brake Pads Campy

There comes a time, after even the best winter of powder, that you just want the snow to go away so you can dust off your road bike for a moderately temperate coffee ride. Before you head out though, it's always a good idea to start off the year with a fresh pair of Reynolds Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads for a boost of stopping confidence in a time when motorists are readjusting the idea of bicycles in traffic. And if you do get caught in an unexpected turn of weather, you can rest assured that Reynolds designed these pads for powerful braking no matter the conditions.

Replacement brake pads for use with Reynolds carbon rims
Larger braking surface area than previous version
Angled slots promote cooling and vacate water
Designed as an integral piece of Reynolds' CTG braking system
Four brake pads in total