Mavic XA Elite 29 Wheelset w/ Quest Pro Tires Blk


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Mavic XA Elite 29 Wheelset w/ Quest Pro Tires Blk

Note: This was a take-off wheelset and has never been riden. Wheelset with come with no other accessories besides the Mavic Quest Pro tires mounted and shown in the photo. 

The Mavic XA Elite Wheelset is designed to improve bikes that ride in the vast valley between super-light cross-country rigs and super-tough gravity-minded whips. It is wide, as light as possible for aluminum while still maintaining Mavic’s vaunted smooth ride and legendary durability.

Mavic starts this wheel with a 25mm wide, measured internally, hookless Maxtal aluminum rim. The rim shape is asymmetric to better balance out left-right spoke tensions as both front and rear wheels are dished. The rim bed is then drilled for traditional spoke nipples, and the rim exterior is then machined via Mavic’s ISM 4D process between the spoke  holes to eliminate all unnecessary material. As the rim is designed for tubeless tires, they include Mavic rim tape and valves to seal off the interior.

Next, Mavic chose straight-pull, double-butted, bladed steel spokes to join the rim to the hub. These are light and strong and as the wheels are always moving through ai...