Garmin Vector S Pedal Set LG


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Garmin Vector S Pedal Set LG
  • Battery life: 175 hours
  • Weight (approximate, per pedal):
    • Left pedal
      • Pedal body: 152.0 g
      • Pedal pod: 22.3 g
      • Cleat and hardware: 37.5 g
      • Total: 211.8 g
    • Right pedal
      • Pedal body: 163.5 g
      • Cleat and hardware: 37.5 g
      • Total: 201.0 g

    Pedal Body and Assembly

    • Lightweight composite body
    • Stainless steel wearplate
    • CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
    • Bushing and sealed cartridge bearings
    • Adjustable tension binding
    • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

    Pedal Pods

    • ANT+® transmitters
    • User-replaceable battery (2032 coin cell)
    • Minimum of 175 hours of active cycling operation


    • High durability thermoplastic with anti-slip rubber surface pads
    • Rubber button to reduce free float action between shoe and cleat
    • 6 degrees of float (0 degree also available)
    • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

Vector S changes how power is measured and how cyclists get power. Vector S measures power at the pedal, where force is applied. It’s a direct measurement power meter that delivers reliable, accurate data. This single-sensing system measures forces on the left pedal to approximate total power.Affordable power meter with option to upgrade to dual-sensing system

  • Measures power output at the pedal, where force is applied
  • Calculates average power at various time intervals
  • Measures cadence and total power (watts)
  • ANT+® wireless protocol