Fabric Scoop Flat Ultimate Saddle Blk/Blk


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Fabric Scoop Flat Ultimate Saddle Blk/Blk
  • A lightweight cycling saddle designed for competition
  • Carbon rails and body leave no gram un-shed
  • Microfiber cover grips without abrasion
  • Light padding adds comfort without muddying ride quality
  • Fabric's clean lines and muted aesthetics match today's understated stealth race frames

The Fabric Scoop Ultimate saddle uses top-shelf materials and a simple design to keep things light and comfortable. The Scoop saddle comes in four varieties: Elite, Race, Pro, and Ultimate. The Scoop Ultimate starts with carbon fiber rails and a carbon fiber base.

Fabric says its Scoop Saddle is "designed for everyone," and that’s exactly what it is. Like many of today’s bicycle saddles, the Scoop is designed to work with road, mountain, or cyclocross bikes. Unlike many of today’s saddles, however, the Scoop gives you options for fit, feel, and style. You can choose between two different base materials for the Scoop saddle: nylon or carbon fiber. The Scoop Ultimate comes with a carbon fiber base. This base is both lightweight and comfortable. The Scoop also offers three different rail material options. The Ultimate model comes with Fabric’s 9mm oval carbon fiber rails, which are both the lightest and stiffest in the line.

The Scoop saddle com...