EBC Disc Pads-Hope Mini Gold


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EBC Disc Pads-Hope Mini Gold

EBC is a British company that Is one of the largest disc brake manufacturers. Comfortably Exceeding stringent TUV standards It is best known for its’ motorcycle disc brake Pads, but It also supplies inter-city trains, The DLR, buses and Tractors as well as the bicycle market. more than 150 replacement pads, Suitable For almost Every MTB bike sold in the U.K. Are Sold By bike shops. These are often superior to original equipment supplied on bikes providing the users with additional benefits. Used and endorsed by Steve peat through his successful world Championship winning downhill racing career, brake Pads for all disciplines are supplied in a variety of compounds regular independent tests EBC brake products are shown to not just meet but exceed OEM manufacturer parts by a healthy margin in: pad lifetime low disc/rotor abrasion heat performance reduction of brake dust environmental credentials available in three different compounds: standard (green), soft (red) and sintered (go