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501 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas, CA 91773


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Monday: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Tuesday: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

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Meet the manager

Brian "B3" Rogers

1: What got you into bicycles?

I have always been on 2 wheels, I started riding when I was a little man. But I really got into it when I was a teenager. Started working Incycle and I have never looked back! 

2: What was your first bike?

First bike was Dyno VFR BMX bike

3: What gets you out of bed every day?

Hmm... la Familia & Coffee

4: What is your favorite type of bike riding and why?

Wow..... this is a hard one. My riding has changed over the years. As of now I’m riding a gravel bike. I’m enjoying the gravel riding because, I like doing road and dirt on the same ride. It’s a nice change of pace. Gravel is amazing!

5: What made you want to be part of Incycle Bicycles?

Haha, funny story..... I knew someone that work at Incycle and he was leaving the shop. They had an opening and I jumped in! When I started riding I would go into the shop and I always wanted to work there. So good things come to those that wait. 

6: Describe your best day on a bike.

When I’m smiling on ride! 

7: Where do you see the future of Bicycles?

The future of cycling/bicycles, man if you asked me years ago about electronica shifting or E-Bikes, 1x, 12 speeds and Disc brakes on all bikes would be a thing. I would been laughing! But now it’s here and I use it and sell it! The future, I see the Evolution and I can’t wait 

8: How do you support the local cycling community?

I would say on this one, I used my cycling knowledge to help new and seasoned rides what I’ve learned over the years. From safety, riding style, the should and should nots. How to change a tire/install a tube.