Ruthless Progression

This totally redesigned P.Series gives riders of all sizes a jumping off point to a life on bikes. The lightweight, but tough alloy frame is designed to take all the hits and keep rolling—across all frame and wheel size options.

Sleek Simplicity

Starting with the durable lightweight alloy frame, the new P.Series stands up to the demands of dirt jump progression. Its cables are internally routed, adding to its sleek presence and tangle-free riding.

At Home On Dirt Jumps, Trails, And The Skate Park.

For starters, it’s dropper ready and derailleur compatible. You can ride it out your door comfortably, all the way to the bike park—and make a pitstop to session along the way. Spec’d on the new P.Series is the all-new2.1-inch Kicker tire. A fast rolling, low-profile tire with block-in-block treads that hook up with ease. The new frame accepts up to a 2.35” trail tire, too. Bringing your 27.5” to the local blue flow-trail could add a whole new dimension to the local laps or daily commute.

Built To Fly

Like everything brandishing the big red‘S’, it’s gotta have performance. And theP.Series is no exception. One major upgrade is the adoption of a boost-spaced rear end for added stiffness and durability, ensuring that even notorious wheel destroyer, Nicholi Rogatkin, could complete a Crankworx Slopestyle series with wheels intact and on top of the podium.