The world is different // but riding doesn't need to be

The world is different // but riding doesn't need to be

Yes, these are unprecedented times, but one thing rings true; we are all in this together. As cyclists, it is up to us to keep our common bond of two-wheels and act and ride locally to ensure a global future for our sport. 

Adventure alone

At the end of the day, it is what we do that will define our futures and by acting in kindness with each other and the earth, we can all get through this pandemic and ride. 

Tips to keeping safe are:

  • Wear a face covering. A neck gator and properly fitting eye protection can go a long way!  We know this can be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather but it will help in many ways. One way is if you get it wet and keep it wet, it will help to keep you cool throughout your ride. Wearing a face covering will also help (not eliminate but help slow) the transmission of anything by acting as a barrier to your mucus membranes. The transmission of COVID-19 through the air, especially in during group rides, can happen. 
  • This brings up point two: group rides... Use common sense. Don't ride next to someone outside of your immediate family. I know we all want to ride with friends, we miss it and it's wonderful to chat with your besties while out riding, but this can potentially put everyone involved at risk. You may or may not be a carrier, the same goes for your riding partner. So play it safe, for everyone. 
  • Ride when you can. Don't wait for the best time because that time may never show up. If you have two hours, don't spend it on social media, get on a bike and go. If the trails are not open where you live, just pedal your neighborhood. Any time on a bike, outside is quality time for yourself and is food for your soul. 
  • Have fun! Remember above all else, don't take life too seriously. We are all in this together. Be kind to everyone, relax, and get on your bike!


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