RockShox OneLoc Right/above, Left/below 10mm MCRL Damper Push to Close


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To achieve maximum suspension performance, proper setup and tuning is essential. Go to for suggested air spring pressure and rebound damper settings for your fork. Go to for additional product and technical information. Air spring pressure and coil spring tables are available in the RockShox® Front Suspension Oil, Air, Coil, Token, and Specification documents. For a complete list of available coil springs and Bottomless Tokens™, consult the RockShox Spare Parts Catalog. Consult the RockShox service manual for your fork for complete disassembly and assembly procedures. Tuning suggestions are starting points. It may take trying various adjustments to find the settings that work best for each individual rider and trail condition.

Remote Upgrade Kit - OneLoc Right/above, Left/below 10mm MCRL Damper Push to Lock (includes remote, comp damper, cable&housing) - PARAGON GOLD/