OneUp Dropper Post 30.9x170


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  • More drop with a short stack height and effective length
  • Tuneable so you can make your 170mm dropper post a 120mm dropper post
  • No bleeding thanks so cable actuation and easy cable setup
  • Tool-free adjustability means you can change your travel on the fly
  • Remote sold separately and comes with cable and housing

When we talk about OneUp, we're not talking about hitting a brick and getting a green mushroom, we're talking about exceptional dropper seat posts. The OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post is a one of a kind dropper seat post that is highly versatile. OneUp offers the world's shortest, long travel dropper post. This means it has the shortest stack height and effective length of any equivalent travel dropper post. This means you don't have to settle for a 125mm dropper post, you can now get a 150mm or 170mm dropper. The OneUP dropper is also tuneable so you can have custom drop lengths. Want your 170mm dropper post to be a 120mm dropper post instead? That's perfectly fine. The drop tuning can be done on the bike while you're out on the trail. It's tool free and can be done without removing the saddle or reaching for your shock pump. The OneUp dropper post requires no bleeding since it is cable actuated. The cable clamps at the lever which makes shortening the housing incredibly easy. If you're looking to breathe an extra life into your mountain bike, then get a OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post.

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