Garmin Edge 130 Computer MTB Bundle


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Garmin Edge 130 Computer  MTB Bundle

It’s the little things that make all the difference, which is why you’re going to love Edge 130. This ruggedly compact but capable GPS cycling computer has everything you need to navigate your ride, monitor stats, stay connected with loved ones and much more. And it’s all in a compact device that goes where you go and won’t weigh you down.

Small but Powerful

Whether you ride on singletrack, open roads or city streets, Edge 130 is the perfect riding partner. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to mount on shorter stems and even comes with a mountain bike (MTB) mount to lift the device above the stem while keeping it out of harm’s way. The 1.8” mono Memory in Pixel (MIP) display means you’ll get a completely crisp view of the screen, even in direct sunlight when you’d normally be squinting at your smartphone screen. Its five-button interface is easy to navigate, and you can even customize the display to show ...

•Cadence: Optional

•Color: Black

•GPS Enabled: Included

•Heart Rate: Optional

•Wireless: Yes

•ANT Compatibility: Yes

•Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes

•Color Screen: No

•Touchscreen: No


•Rechargeable Battery: Yes