Feedback Scorpion Floor Stand


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•Awesome bike storage for garages, sheds, apartments, events, retail bike displays and the trailhead

•Motocross inspired design

•Versatile design allows for bike parking with 13, 18, or 20mm open cranks*

•System fits road bike, cyclocross bike, mountain bike, and electric bike crank designs

•Design elevates the rear wheel and stabilizes the bike

•Construction prevents contact with painted surfaces or delicate components

•Innovative design folds to a compact unit when not in use

•Durable powder coated steel maintains a long-term clean finish

•Awesome bike parking solution for even the heaviest of bikes (50lbs / 22.7kg max load)

•Available in black, red and turquoise

*Not compatible with Campagnolo Ultra-Torque cranks with internal fixing bolt

Nobody knows why your bike has a hollow crank spindle, but it does. Why not make the most of that space and use it to store and work on your bike? The Scorpion is compatible with 13, 18 and 20mm hollow crankspindles on either side of the bike. The design elevates the rear wheel and lends itself to lite bike maintenance, like chain lubrication and frame cleaning. As with all our products, when not being used it folds in to a compact, portable or stow-able footprint until it’s needed again.

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