Feedback Omnium Portable Trainer


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Feedback Omnium Portable Trainer
Feedback Omnium Portable Trainer
The Omnium Bike Trainer series with Live Ride Technology offers the most natural and enjoyable ride experience available. The adaptable fork mount and folding compact design delivers unmatched compatibility and portability. Whether you need a travel trainer for work, or for that upcoming A-priority race – train anywhere, on any bike, any day on the Omnium Portable Trainer. Love training when you travel? Need an awesome warm-up and cool-down during weekends at the races? Want to crush that indoor bike trainer workout in a small living space? Meet the Omnium Over-Drive Portable Bike Trainer. The adaptable fork-mount design keeps the rear wheel on the bike and offers the most dynamic ride quality of any stationary bike trainer available via LIVE RIDE Technology ™. Plus the precision rollers and internal progressive resistance design is so quiet you’ll never disrupt the neighbors. When you’re finished, the elegant folding design hides it in its padded travel bag like it was never there.

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