Bar Fly 4 Lezyne Head Mount


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Bar Fly 4 Lezyne Head Mount
Bar Fly 4 Lezyne Head Mount
  • Spring-loaded mechanism 

Compatibility: All Lezyne computers (Micro, Micro C, Mini, Macro, Super, Super SE, Mega C, Mega XL) 
Material: Injection-molded nylon 

This is Barfly's mounting solution insert for Lezyne computers. The Lezyne head fits all Bar Fly 4 mounts: Prime, MAX, Mini, TT, MTB, Spoon, Direct and Cervelo and can but used in conjunction with the GoPro / light mount feature on Prime, MAX, Mini and TT models. The center button in the head is spring-loaded, assuring a tight grip on your Lezyne computer.

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