Bont Vaypor+

Bont Vaypor+
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Bont’s Vaypor+ is a pro-level racing shoe that features carbon construction and is fully heat-moldable for a custom fit.

- Classic design with the luxurious yet uncompromising strength of a kangaroo leather upper
- Supple cow hide internal lining
- Bont Cycling’s industry leading carbon technology ensuring highest strength-to-weight ratio and lowest stack height
- The anatomical perfection of Bont Cycling’s last to ensure correct fit
- Bont Cycling’s technical innovations for improved efficiency and structural support
- BOA’s IP1 Dual directional dial with quick release functionality
- Padding is high-density memory foam with dry cell technology to minimize water retention
- Anti-stretch material stops the cycling shoe from stretching over time and extending performance
- Ventilation holes across the tongue, top of the forefoot, through the front bumper, and arch area of the shoe

Cycling shoe cleat location
SPD Cycling shoe cleat location


SPD-SL/Look cycling shoe cleat location


Speedplay cycling shoe cleat location


SPD/2-Bolt Cleats are most commonly found on Mountain Bike shoes. Look/SPD-SL/3-Bolt Cleats are most commonly found on Road Bike shoes.

Cleats are sold separately or with pedals. Be sure your shoes feature the correct bolt pattern.