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    Specialized Atlanta is now part of the Incycle Marketplace. Currently we're working on getting our inventory available online. In the mean time, call us, text or visit our stores. Connect with Us!

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    Specialized has partnered with the greatest independent bicycle retailers in the country since 1974 and continues to do so - but as brick-and-mortar retail develops, the risks at retail get greater for small businesses - this is true everywhere but especially today, here in Atlanta. While the stakes get higher, there are some risks we can take, ourselves; allowing us to test opportunities and experience first-hand how to better serve our riders and local retailers, and support the growth of the cycling community nationwide.

    With this, we have developed an exclusive Specialized Delivery and virtual consultation service here in Atlanta, Georgia, where Specialized offers more than just our goods and services in a store. With a limited and curated on-hand inventory and a focus on blending digital and physical retail, we're excited to bring a new experience to the capital city, where we're delivering transformative, inclusive, and rider-focused experiences, in order to faster support you - our riders.

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