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Monthly Donut Ride!

Specialized Costa Mesa Donut Ride. The First Sunday of Every Month. Meet at 7:30am Roll at 8am. 20 Miles of Smiles. Average Pace ~15mph


Meet 7:30 am @specializedcostamesa

Roll out at 8 am

Return to the store around 9:45/9:50am


Our favorite monthly community ride returns! We are so excited to see everyone for our ride through Newport Coast! This ride is non-drop ride that averages ~14/15mph over the course of ~20 miles. This ride includes two re-group stops. One at the Corona Del Mar lookout off of Ocean Blvd and the other at the top of Newport Coast Drive off of San Joaquin road. Total elevation of this ride is roughly 950 feet with Newport Coast being the only major climb of the ride. The climb is self-paced and a great way to test our your climbing legs. Once we re-group with everyone at the top of the climb we begin to descend down San Joaquin road. This is a fast descent. We ask that slower riders stay off to the right side of the road, and faster riders pass safely on the left of those riders. After the descent we make our way back to the store!

When we arrive back at the store please take one donut in order to allow all riders the chance to get one. Then make your way over to the coffee line! Feel free to hangout in the store at our lounge area, browse all the hottest bikes and equipment, or chat it up with your friends :)

Please enjoy coffee by our personal favorite @theoriginalbarista and donuts by the best in town @goodtowndoughnutsusa

See you there !


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April 07, 2024, 8:00 am

Specialized Costa Mesa
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