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    Hilltop Bicycles NYC is now part of the Incycle Marketplace. Currently we're working on getting our inventory available online. In the mean time, call us, text or visit our stores. Connect with Us!

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    We are now offering bicycle maintenance and repair services at both locations!

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Schedule time to ezperience Retül Bike Fit Technology and make better fit descisions. A proper bike fit allows for a better riding experience with more comfort and improved performance. Book your time at Hilltop Bicycles NYC below:

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  • About Hilltop Bicycles NYC

    When Hilltop Bicycles decided to open a bike shop in NYC, we wanted it to be the best bike shop in New York City. So we chose locations in underserved places that needed a bike shop - the Lower East Side, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Then, we partnered with a leading brand, Specialized Bicycles, to bring the idea to market. What materialized, and we think you’ll agree, is the best bike shop in NYC.

    Here you can get amazing products presented to you by people who love cycling and want you to love it just as much.

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Lower East Side | 128 Clinton St New York City, NY 10002

Williamsburg | 50 N 7th St Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Lower East Side |(332) 249-6244

Williamsburg |(631) 876-2148




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