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    Born in 1894, our founder, Henry "Hap" Hazard was an ambitious 20 years old when he opened Hazard's Cyclesport in 1914. A multi-faceted man, Hap possessed not only profound mechanical understanding, but physical force to back it up. His breadth of mechanics far surpassed the scope of bicycles spilling over into automobiles, racing boats, and airplanes. Hap competed in speedboat races during the 20's, and legend has it had world-famous pilot Charles Lindberg aboard his race boat many times. Blessed with not only intelligence, Hap also competed as a semi-professional boxer for a short time and was as competent with his brawn as he was his brain. There are rumors that Hap settled more than a few "disagreements" in the alley behind the original Hazard's! However, far from a callous brute Hap's incredible acts of generosity, selflessness, and community outreach are the tenets from which Hazard's was established and remain at the core of our ethos.  

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