Benefits of a Pro Bike Fit

Regardless of what type of cycling you enjoy, you'll benefit from a bike that has been properly adjusted to fit your body and your riding style. Our certified fit specialists will discuss your cycling history and goals. We'll then work with you to determine your ideal riding position. With a professional bike fit, you can be more comfortable, more efficient, and more powerful on every ride. 


Cleat Fitting


  • Assess Arch Height
  • Assess Fore/Aft
  • Assess Toe Angle
  • Install Cleats
  • Free with purchase of Shoes & Pedals

Frame Sizing


  • Assess Body for Appropriate Frame Size
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Handlebar Reach
  • Cleat Fitting
  • Free with purchase of any bike

Body Geometry Fit


5 Step Fit Process

  • Interview
  • Physical Assessment
  • Ride Analysis
  • Fitting
  • Follow Up



Body Geometry Fit with Retül enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort. During you personal Body Geometry Fit session, a trained specialist will assess your individual needs and systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body. Body Geometry Fit and Retül combine the best fitting method with the best fitting tools to deliver an unrivaled connection with your bike. Certified Body Geometry Fit Specialists at all of our location are dedicated to enhancing your riding experience. Specially trained at Specialized Bicycle Components University they have passed rigorous exams and possess the proven skills and expertise to systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body. Includes a follow up.

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