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2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1

Pivot 2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1
Pivot 2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1
Pivot 2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1
Pivot 2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1
Pivot 2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1
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Ride Further, Ride Harder…

And Feel Like a Superhero While You’re At It.

We didn’t set out to simply build an eMTB. We set out to create a class-leading enduro/trail bike that broke barriers and opened new doors to your riding. Say “Hello” to the Pivot Shuttle—the lightest, most capable and, dare we say it, utterly badass eMTB in the world.

We created a thoroughly modern mountain bike featuring progressive geometry, ultra-capable suspension, and a state-of-the-art carbon-fiber chassis. Then we added a class-leading power supply to the mix…which, we might add, we accomplished in a thoroughly innovative fashion.

Ride further, ride harder…and feel like a superhero while you’re at it.

More Than Just A Motor

Try this: Straddle a few different eMTBs, turn off the electric assist and give them a go. Are they still fun to ride? We did a whole lot of that during the Shuttle’s R&D process. The answer was usually, “Nope.” Many of the bikes we tested were cumbersome, cranky…In a word, meh.

If you turn off the motor on the Shuttle, what do you have? Essentially, a rowdier version of our singletrack-loving Mach 5.5 trail bike. The Shuttle pedals exceptionally well. It carves the tightest corners. It absolutely rips technical descents. Now, turn on the Shuttle’s motor and what do you get? You get the same awesome things—with the ability to ride a whole lot further. Epic rides get more, well, epic. Heinous climbs just stop being heinous. In a word, rad.

The Shuttle is an awesome mountain bike. Period. The motor is icing on the cake

Perfect Suspension Equals Perfect Control.

Dave Weagle’s dw-link™ design is renowned for providing great traction and downhill control without adding energy-sucking suspension bob or “squat”. That’s even more important on an eMTB. Engage the motor on many eMTBs and the bike’s suspension wants to squat. Companies try to combat the suspension bob by adding a ton of compression damping to their rear shocks. The downside? Their suspension is no longer supple and responsive. When the downhills get hectic, you have less control.

With dw-link™, we don’t need to over-damp the rear shock. We dial in just the right amount of anti-squat by meticulously configuring the pivot locations themselves. Our rear suspension is free to devour rocks, logs and roots, and this gives the Shuttle a serious edge on both the climbs and descents. Perfectly tuned suspension. Perfect control.

It Gets Rowdy

We spent years perfecting the Shuttle’s geometry. The result is a chassis that rides exactly like any of Pivot’s world-class enduro bikes, yet also sets a new standard for lightweight in the eMTB world.

The Shuttle is long and slack up front, and short out back. We kept the center of gravity low and gave the Shuttle an even burlier version of the rear shock linkage featured on our long-travel bikes. Finally, we maximized frame and wheel stiffness with Super Boost Plus 157 spacing.

The end result? The Shuttle manages to be surprisingly nimble in tight conditions, is supremely confident on fast, chunky descents and can scale ridiculously steep climbs with surefooted calm.

Truly Innovative Power

The Shuttle features the first battery and motor truly designed for mountain biking. Shimano’s STEPS E8000 system provides a smooth, natural-feeling assist to your own pedal power. No awkward power lag. No annoying resistance in the drivetrain. Next, we took the most compact, lightweight and powerful e-bike battery available and mounted it to a bottom-load, full carbon tray of our own design. This enabled us to create the strongest and lightest frame possible.

The Shuttle is easy to operate. Intuitive Shimano controls make fine-tuning your power output simple and seamless. Likewise, the Shuttle features externally-accessible charging ports for quick and effortless charging of your battery. And that Shimano battery? It’s rated for 1,000 recharges—that’s about twice as many recharge cycles as you’d get from most competing batteries.

Every Component Delivers

You can’t just slap a motor on a bike and call it a day. Adding an electric motor to the mix places new demands on bikes and components. That’s why we beefed up the Shuttle’s chassis and linkages, tweaked the geometry and worked with Fox to adjust the suspension.

We also collaborated with DT Swiss to create a light-yet-bomber wheelset (the EB1550) that’s been strengthened to withstand motor torque and which features a Super Boost Plus 157 rear hub that increases stiffness by 30 percent. Finally, we partnered with Maxxis on the design of their Silk-Shield tire casings, which allows us to give the Shuttle big, durable, traction-loving tires without adding unnecessary (and buzz killing) rotational weight.

Every part matters. On the Shuttle, every part delivers.

eMTBs and Trail Access for Everyone

We’ve built an amazing bike—we’re proud of the Shuttle. But we also know that there is concern in North America about how eMTBs might impact trail access.

We agree—people shouldn’t ride eMTBs in places where they aren’t allowed and right now there’s a lot of confusion out there about where you can and can’t ride an eMTB.

Which is why Pivot Cycles is stepping up and partnering with IMBA and Shimano to help add clarity to the discussion. Here’s what we’re doing and why.

Trail access matters to all of us at Pivot Cycles, which is why we’re taking STEPS to help make sure that we roll out our eMTB in a way that helps keep trails open.

For starters, we are committed to helping educate our dealers who sell Shuttles on where these bikes can and can’t be legally ridden in their area. Different states, even different counties and cities, have different laws about e-bike trail access and those laws are rapidly changing (generally more access is opening up).

We’re committed to helping our dealers stay up to date.

In addition, we are collaborating with IMBA and Shimano to help educate land managers on exactly what a Class 1 eMTB (like the Shuttle) is and how they can best be managed on trails so that all trail users benefit. We’ll soon hit the road on a yearlong tour of America and will post updates from the road.

This is not going to be a quick or easy process, but we are doing our part to make sure that we roll out our eMTB the right way. It’s an awesome bike—we’re legitimately proud of it—and we want our riders to be able ride the Shuttle responsibly and legally. We’re helping make that happen.

Want to know more?

Get the Free Trailforks App

Trailforks is your guide to more than 111,000 trails around the world. This free app includes a search function highlighting eMTB-legal trails. When you open the app, the map will appear. Click on the ⓘ in the upper left corner of the map. Swipe the menu to the left, where a filter called “Ebikes Allowed” will appear. Change that from “All” to “Yes”, and you’ll see all the legal eMTB trails in your area.

Get Trailforks at https://www.trailforks.com/apps/map/


PeopleforBikes has created a directory of more than 42,000 miles of eMTB-legal riding in America.

Check out the trails at: https://peopleforbikes.org/emtb/

Shuttle – US/Canada Features

  • The world’s lightest, Class 1 e-MTB in the category
  • Strong yet lightweight, thanks to a full carbon frame and uniquely integrated battery
  • Lightest, most powerful and longest-lasting eMTB battery (Shimano STEPS E8000)
  • Confidence-inspiring geometry for fast, technical riding
  • 140mm of acclaimed dw‐link® rear suspension
  • Fox 36 fork and custom-valved DPX 2 shock, tuned for the demands of an e-MTB
  • Plays nice with both 27.5+ and 29-inch wheels (27.5+ come stock)
  • Fits more riders than any other eMTB. Sizing accommodates riders between 5'4" and 6'7"
  • 10-year frame warranty
  • We are partnering with IMBA, Trail Forks, People For Bikes and Shimano on trail access and where to ride your new Shuttle.
2018 Pivot Shuttle XTE1

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