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2017 Cervelo P5X Sram Etap




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There’s more to the ultimate triathlon bike than blowing benchmarks away. For the first time in Cervélo’s history — for the first time in history, period — the unique needs of every triathlete, whether training, racing or travelling, are truly front and centre. From aerodynamically integrated storage and stress-free packing to unprecedented micro- and macro-adjustability, the P5X focuses on a singular goal: Helping triathletes achieve their personal best.

Aero Cable Management:

Improves Aerodynamics and shift/breaking performance by favoring internal cable paths with fewer bends and kinks. 

Brake and shifter cables are engineered to enter the frame at strategic points — at the front of the toptube and downtube, and at the rear of the derailleur-side chainstay, for instance — to reduce aero drag. Technologies such as our Reduced-Friction BB Guide cut mechanical drag as well.


This Asymmetrical 79mm. bottom bracket standard yields Stiffer and lighter frames and crank systems. 

Cervelo developed BBright to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. On the right side, frame tubes are already as wide as possible; any wider and they’d hit the chainrings. But on the left side there are no chainrings, so BBright makes use of this extra space by extending the BB shell by 11 millimetres, nearly doubling the width of the left chainstay. At the same time, the drive-side dimensions of the frame are identical to BB30 and provide plenty of clearance for a wide range of cranks, including those with power meters.

Built Bottles:

Minimizez the aero penalty by partly integrating the water bottle into the downtube airfoil. 

Cervélo models that are Shaped for Bottles have an airfoil downtube that’s flattened on the trailing edge in front of the bottle, resulting in a faster overall system.

Dropped Down Tube:

Reduces drag by treating the front wheel and frame as one aerodynamic shape. 

Improving aerodynamics requires an engineering approach that accounts for the entire system: Bike, rider and wheels. The Dropped Downtube places the leading edge of the tube closer to the trailing edge of the front tire, partly hiding it in the wake of the wheel.

Evolved Steerer Design:

The forks steerer's diamiter has a noticible effect on  bike's handling. Evolved steerer design applies the diamiteres and taper designs that best suit each model 

A larger steerer diameter adds torsional stiffness with no weight penalty. A smaller steerer diameter is more compliant and can also be used to reduce headtube frontal area, and in turn, aerodynamic drag. How do we select which size to use? By defining performance goals — weight savings, aerodynamics, stiffness, ride quality and usability — at the start of the frame design process, Cervélo engineers choose the best steerer diameters/tapers to achieve those objectives.

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