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The Pinarello GAN S Ultegra Bike replaces that Marvel with an updated design, which takes directly from the company’s flagship F8 frame. 

So long as you’re moving down the road, aerodynamics matter. So Pinarello sculpted the frame tubes to separate the wind with minimal turbulence. You can see it in the extended head tube, the way the fork crown nestles in a notch in the downtube, the aero fork legs, the FlatBack down and seat tubes and the shorter, lower seat stays. The shaping also owes to the need to make the bike stiff and comfortable. A problem with traditional airfoil tube shaping is that they make a bike vertically stiff and laterally compliant, the reverse of what people need. By shortening the profile of the down and seat tubes, they still have vertical give. And by cutting the tubes off at their wide point, there is still plenty of lateral stiffness to fight pedal forces. And this is before we get into Pinarello’s traditional asymmetric tube designs, where they have already built in resisting pedaling forces.

The F8 has a geometry built for light super flexible riders. The GAN is built for the rest of us, similar position, just with more stack and less reach: it’s easy to get comfortable and feel powerful on the GAN thanks to the fact your bars don’t have to be so low.

The GAN S looks so close to the RS because they came out of the same molds. The difference between the two is that the RS uses T900 carbon while the S relies on T700. The number means lower modulus-it’s not quite as stiff, so there’s more material to keep the ride characteristics the same as the RS. The result is both a lower price and greater weight.

The build is highlighted by Shimano Ultegra 6800 components. Pinarello sets up the shifting with 52/36 chainrings and 11-28 eleven-speed cassette. 

Here, you’ll find the Fulcrum Racing 5 with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 25mm tires.  It’s a long-mileage wheelset that is more than tough enough for thousands and thousands of miles in all weather conditions, but with the low spoke count, they’re still aero enough for racing. The tires also follow this basic formula, with lots of rubber on a flexible casing. Nice road feel, but thick enough for training.

Pinarello finishes up the bike with selections from their MOst component line. The bars, stem, and saddle all come from there. The bars possess a gentle ergo curve to the drops for comfort while the stem is sculpted for aerodynamics. The saddle is small enough to not get in the way, but padded enough for those days of long steady distance.

The Pinarello GAN S Ultegra bike just needs a rider. It’s ready to go.


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